• Serving U.S. and Global Markets;
    Locality in the States of Louisiana & New York




In leadership of legal and technical teams, Ms. Dobson has drafted and negotiated over 75+ contracts annually, protecting client interests in various domains.

  • - Equity contracts
  • - Mergers & Acquisitions,
  • - Sponsored Research Agreements
  • - Joint Development collaborations
  • - Sales and Procurement
  • - Service Agreements
  • - Licensing
  • - Patent Monetization
  • - Government contracts: National Institutes of Health (NIH) , Department of Defense (DoD), and subcontracts awarded to academia and private industry.


  • Software: telematics, health data & image analytics, monitoring systems, SMART devices, radiation dosage
  • Hardware/Electrical Systems: MEMS, additive manufacturing, avionics, CT, MR, X-ray, lighting, neuro implants
  • Communications: photonics, optics & optical fiber, coaxial cable; TV/mobile display, fused silica, wearables
  • Biologicals: immobilization, wound dressings, genetically engineered E.coli, proteomic arrays, adjuvants
  • Bio/Chemical detection: filters, nanoparticles, encoded indicium, detectable labels
  • Compositions: electrically conductive hydrogels, polymers

MEDICAL SYSTEMS – Software/Hardware, Image Analytics

The field of medical analytics is growing exponentially. Specifically, the market integrates hardware and software with medical devices and complex medical systems to provide analytical and machine learning adaptations. The software and/or applications are used in the operations of the imaging modalities, as well as in the analysis of complex medical images from diverse patient pools. In particular, the medical image analytics market is based on utilizing different imaging instrumentation and digital image analysis techniques to target and implement measures to assist with medical diagnoses and treatments. Meaningful information is extracted, algorithms modified and adjusted for use in clinical practice and clinical applications.

Melissa K. Dobson, Esq., J.D., M.S. provides the in-house support as designated in large scale entities or small start-up enterprise that seek the knowledge and skill set to draft, prosecute and enforce IP protections in this space, as well as entry level clients seeking out a niche IP space in the vastly growing IP landscape. Ms. Dobson facilitates collaborations and contractual engagements in reference to the same. From operational software based systems to predictive analytics used in medical image interpretation and analysis, Ms. Dobson advises as to patent, trademark/service mark protections, copyright, and trade secrets, including but not limited to biomedical engineering, electronic controls of such systems, and the software that supports complex operations of the imaging modalities and electronic systems. Ms. Dobson can further assist clients in monetizing specific IP in these and other specialty areas, with particular emphasis in consulting and providing guidance to the same.


Ms. Dobson has attained expertise in fields of transportation, aviation, oil & gas, healthcare, power, and additive manufacturing. While collaborating with resource managers involved with field resource deployment and execution to meet customer and business metrics, she has utilized customer focus to drive development of software analytics, strategic business direction, and cross-business integration. Compliance with modern infrastructure has further directed digitization in centralized control and industrial connectivity. Cross- business functionality enhances cyber security and solutions to align with international security standards, further advancing nuclear technologies, military transport and aviation/flight. Advanced analytics, predictive controls, and artificial intelligence further enhance asset performance management across various platforms.


The field of life sciences has evolved across industry to embrace exponential changes in the way technology is recognized and implemented. Life sciences research and clinical care rely on not only the R&D work and drug discovery work of pharmaceutical companies, but also on the way researchers and clinicians work, conduct research, innovate, manufacture, and distribute products to meet consumer expectations.

Ms. Dobson provides consulting services and referrals to embrace the revolutionary practices and measures that lay foundations for future discoveries in fields of life sciences and biomedical innovation. While the United States looks to capitalize on opportunities brought about by further regulatory enhancements and impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, Ms. Dobson provides guidance and focus to clients who look to drive digital transformation of foundational concepts, those who seek operational excellence while focusing on improved business outcomes across the life sciences industry. As we reflect on 2018 markets into the next decade, Ms. Dobson supports the movement of data, information, and knowledge to facilitate advances necessary to maintain high standards towards the digitized transformation of client analytics, IoT, and machine learning to allow clients to better interact with patients, health care providers, and supply chain efficiency, safety, and quality.